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Hi guys, so its been a while since my last blog... just letting you know that all bibs and nursing pads are discounted for the weekend of the 13th May till 15th May at 5.30 pm. Nusing pads are washable and have 5 layers with a layer of waterproof pul in them and a terry cloth back which is soft on the skin.


Hi All,
Ive had lots of visitors to the new website, thank you.
Just letting you know that TekkiRose will be the Eltham Monkey Market on Sunday 30th Jan and the Bendigo Childrens Market on Saturday 5th Feb.

Market special - will see all bibs at $6 each or 2 for $10 special and aprons for $12 each, stop by, say hi and grab a bargin!

till next time....


Hello and welcome to Tekkirose,

My name is Beck and as you know by reading my ABOUT ME page, Im a stay at home mum of 2 children under 4. So I have lots of insparation just by watching my children grow and their needs are always changing. 

I make affordable nursing covers for mum's; who like myself would like to feed their child- but the thought of doing it in public makes them feel really uncomfortable or makes hubby feel uncomfortable. :) I try and make my covers with prints that are bold and funky and also those that blend in.
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